Meaningful note-taking

Noting ideas to help your consignment, resale, or thrift shopI know, you know how to take notes.

But just a few reminders, so you can really USE all the ideas and suggestions you hear during Conference:

Expand your notes soonest. For example, you might scribble down Trade-in event sort for ch. accts while you’re chatting on the bus with someone. Unless you take some time to explain this further to yourself, chances are you won’t remember the details about how to use these charity consignment accounts two months from now.

Add your particular “twist” to the note as soon as you get a free moment. Why did you think this was a good idea for your shop? This is also an important point during workshops: that fleeting brain-storm om how you could alter this for your market will get lost if you don’t get it down on paper.

Record the source as well as the idea. Record who shared the concept with you. You may want to get in touch for more details later. And you will want, for sure, a reminder of the good idea your peer gave you for when you write your thank-you/ nice-to-meet-you notes when you get back home.

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